End the Economical Blockade against People of Cuba

End the Economical Blockade against People of Cuba

2 min. read | By Kiri Vadivelu

I am proud to join Canadian Network for Cuba (CNC) to fight against the United States blockade against Cuba preventing access to basic necessities during the global humanity crisis.

Canadian Network for Cuba
Canadian Network for Cuba | © Kiri Vadivelu

I am a lead tenant organizer in Scarborough against injustice eviction during humanity crisis; while, a revolutionary member of Socialist Action. I am also a survivor of genocide in my homeland Sri Lanka during the planned state killings of the Tamils. I am privileged to speak for the oppressed voices.

I stand with Cuba and bravery of Cuban people withstand the cruelty of United States and other imperial governments. Leaders merge in crisis, Cuba shown the compassion for people and health around the world through sending its doctors while hate groups in developed countries preventing medical professionals from doing their human duty. To make matters worse, Canada spent 13 billion to purchase fighter jets while most Canadians are becoming homeless and still do not have access to clean water in some part of the country.

Corporate Canada including mainstream CBC media need to stop spreading misinformation against Cuban people and people of Palestine. Socialist Action party is working in coalition with many organization to fight for justice. Media is ignoring the message but more Canadians are joining our party to fight for liberty. As a newly joined International Solidarity Coordinator with Socialist Action, I will do everything I can to make difference in the lives of oppressed voices across the globe.

Colonial exploitation nature of developed countries does not care about the workers but only the rich and their corporate partners. We join in solidarity today to support the struggle of all workers as well as remove the blockade of Cuba so people of Cuba can contribute to global initiatives without limitations.

I am determined to support CNC as any means necessary to make difference lives of Cuban people. Long live Cubans. Let us become friends to make that happen.

"It is impossible to get a man to understand something if his salary depends on him not understanding it." - Upton Sinclair

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