What is Socialism in 21st Century?

What is Socialism in 21st Century?

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Socialists are very concerned about the injustice and social ills in the world today— hunger, poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, disease, war, the exploitation of workers, the oppression of nations, races, women, and gays, the destruction of the environment, and the threat of nuclear annihilation.

What is Socialism in 21st Century?
What is Socialism in 21st Century? | © Kiri Vadivelu

Socialists obviously don’t have a monopoly on compassion, however. What distinguishes socialists from other socially concerned people is that we do not view these problems as normal, natural, eternal, or an inherent feature of the human condition. We believe that these problems are historically and socially created and that they can be solved by human beings through conscious, organized political struggle and change.

Socialist Action argues that the wealth and other advances produced by industry, technology, and science have made it possible to eliminate these problems but that these problems continue because of the dominant economic and political interests and values of society. We assert that capitalism is ultimately the main source of these problems in the United States and the world today.

Therefore, socialism is a political philosophy that advocate for social and economical democracy; instead of hostility and favourability to the few.

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