Stand with Ukraine, Cancel the Debt

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read politics

All sentiment to support Ukraine is successfully rewarding pockets of bankers in Europe and North America

The war mongering European Nations (EU) have been providing significant humanitarian aids but all come at significant cost under the carpet. All of the sentiment to support Ukraine is successfully rewarding the pockets of bankers in Europe and North America. Across the world, the voice to support Ukraine is genuine; however, financial industries have not waved any interest payment that could be used to support the people in crisis. World sympathy, particularly American sympathy is going to be too expensive for Ukraine people to bear in the aftermaths of war.

IMF cancel debt
IMF on Ukraine Debt | © Kiri Vadivelu

Ukraine, deeply troubled financially even before the war at 95 billion debt to Independent Monetary Funds (IMF), has been maintaining financial debt through giving free pass to North American Treaty Organization (NATO) to run biochemical weapon labs throughout the country. While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland have been standing with Ukraine since day one; the NATO company is refusing to cancel the debt for Ukraine.

Big bankers and weapon manufacturers are continuing to profit from the misery of people in the name of aid. Ukraine war may be over soon but people of Ukraine is unlikely to recover from the debt trap diplomacy of United States and the NATO allies. To really stand with Ukraine is to demand IMF to cancel all debts immediately so that children of Ukraine can one day live free in the country without being sold for American oligarchy.

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