Progress of Brainwashing Culture in America

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read culture

Unelected public servants collude with corporate executives to ensure the crime is legalized and enforced

The special vocabulary, greenwashing and greenscamming are reserved for corporations that acknowledge the importance of environment preservation, yet, continue to cultivate the predatory culture for profit. Big corporations have adequate financial resources at disposal to create bogus jobs in order to skim more public tax dollars from government.

Brain washing culture of mass media
Brain Washing American Culture | © Kiri Vadivelu

A local example of greenwashing is McDonald spending thousands of dollars to advertise paper straws meaninglessly so that all cost can be used for tax reimbursement. Likewise, an example of greenscamming is Exxon; where, a fossil fuel industry funding bogus non-profit organizations since to disprove the legitimacy of climate emergency.

Without shame, unelected public servants at the top of the food chain knowingly collude with elected government and corporate executives to ensure the crime is legalized so no one can be held accountable. The zionist cult culture requires like minded people to legitimize the financial crimes through legalization of criminal acts.

Under taxation system, corporations are viewed as individuals but none of the criminal activity can be questioned. Like drug addicts, profit is an addiction that would motivate anyone to operate malice without guilt. If you feel that you do not fit in such culture, that is probably because you are person with conscience and moral decency.

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