Evolution of Universe Demystify Virginity

by Kiri Vadivelu | 3 min. read religion

Understanding of planet evolution helps to eliminate false believe systems

Since the dawn of times, humans have naturally learned to prioritize survival more than anything in life. Due to the biological calling to protect own life imprinted in the DNA of every living thing, humans evolved over time with social, economical and political safe zones. The herd behavior is natural but learning to share the space with different group must be learned. Marvelous universal creation of human kind is left alone to learn, grow and co-exist among individuals with conflicting interest.

Evolution of Universe from Particles
Evolution of Universe in Particles | © Kiri Vadivelu

A herd instinct is a behavior wherein people tend to react to the actions of others and follow their lead. This is similar to the way animals react in groups when they stampede in unison out of the way of danger—perceived or otherwise. Herd instinct or herd behavior is distinguished by a lack of individual decision-making or introspection, causing those involved to think and behave in a similar fashion to everyone else around them.

Even for a fantasy, the believe of earth was formed in seven days does not provide any facts or logical reasoning. However, eliminating such false preaching of reality from religious context would lead to psychological liberation of people and intellectual curiosities which may harm the interest of rulers. And, lack of political control mechanisms such as religion would mean elected governments having to rely exclusively on force for compliance. Interestingly, constant up-scaling of military and police budget as oppose to social program that benefit the masses in developed countries reveal the hidden intent.

After 2000 years of civilization, democracy and economics, humans continue to ignore the evolution of universe. The herd behavior and greed of the few dictate electoral outcome. The rest of the population have followed the suit as thinking and understanding require physical energy and logical reasoning; therefore, humans opted to judge and follow. Meanwhile, the few with wealth and power continue to exploit the future of universe through feeding suitable narratives.

The greatest irony is that an adult human with six sense would believe virgin Mary having a baby at the expense of basic logic and reasoning. However, the true understanding of universal resource and space sharing does not extend beyond tribes; thus, extreme greed is socially acceptable behavior. One would be at church wishing to be blessed out of the misery of poverty; meanwhile, another in the same space seeking to protect all the hoarded wealth.

Without extensive research, any prudent person can easily demystify the false pretense of any religious text. For instance, one logical reasoning for virgin mary baby is that a teenager becoming an pregnant from an adult committing adultery so virgin Mary baby fits the bill of time to avoid social and legal repercussions. Foremost, one must be unafraid to imagine outside the social parameters to find different reasoning. Second, the relentless pursuit to seek truth must be the underlying principle. Third, knowledge come with suffering and shall exercise mental muscles for the greater good in an uncivilized society.

Today, those in power avoid responsibility by having people visit church instead of contingent offices for their problems. Religions of all kinds play an important role in protecting the wealthy and powerful in society. Some understanding of evolution goes long way but it requires energy and logic with the will to unlearn the conventional myths to relearn non-violent way of thinking, understanding and connecting with each other to achieve true peace, happiness and purpose of life for all in the smallest space.

An article worth reading on Scientific American. The virgin Mary and seven day earth are just few examples from Christianity, most dominant religious cult system; which can be substituted with any flavour of religions.

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