March against Machines at Vimy Ridge

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read war

Remembering the fallen Canadian heroes while imagining of future without war

Year after year, we remember the sacrifices made by Canadian heroes on the 11th day of November. After few days, we move on with our daily lives without any follow up actions. Our heroes would not have entered Vimy Ridge should they knew the war will never end one day. Sadly, 100 years passed, we are still in the same page. Then, how do we turn the pages of the history? A poem to reflect.

Canadians at Victory of Vimy Ridge Battle
Canadians at Victory of Vimy Ridge Battle, 1917 | © Kiri Vadivelu

We are yet to ask, who our enemy is

Mighty Canadians of 1917,
served the nation at Vimy Ridge.
Took the coldest battle to victory,
marched against the Nazi machines.

Bullets tested the toughest,
few days with thousands of lives.
Sacrificed all for our world pride,
how can we put aside the poppies?

Those who came home for peace,
only to face the great starve.
Without any means to survive,
rose again at thirties for humanity.

We are yet to ask, who our enemy is.

They seized our means of bread,
only to give us bread crumbs.
They stole the native land,
only to rent us living spaces.
They demand our labour wealth,
only to pay us less than peanuts.

We cry from river to the sea,
So our people can be free.
We rise from north to the south,
So our planet can breathe.
But the monster is before us.

They are mocking at us loudly,
that we are lucky to be alive,
as they burn the mother nature.
Yet, they want even more oil,
but all we see is ashes on the ground.

We are yet to ask, who our enemy is.

Know the fear and control,
avoid the divide and conquer.
Thus where fascism thrives,
when the common sense dies.
All surplus value of service,
with poppies of Flanders Fields.

They take our lives for pride,
give us war hero metals to rest.
They teach us wars are necessary,
or else, enemy will kill us.
Only those move can feel the chains.

We are killing and dying in grace,
we are yet to ask, who our enemy is.
But they are fooling us lavishly,
choose death for peace over greed.

Dedicated to all war heroes and for future without war!

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