Coerced to Pay Taxes to Modern Monarchy?

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read war

Monarchy replaced corporate hierarchies demonize all working slaves to pay taxes and no option to opt out military

The ancient voluntary taxation system was created to ensure all people have access to food, medicine and basic humanitarian needs. However, the corrupted kings used the tax dollars to organize military, protect monarchy and build tools to kill people. When people realized the misuse of hard earned dollars; people refused to pay taxes. What rational mind would pay money to kill innocent people?

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Hence, the practice of collecting taxes involved use of force; eventually, adopted into a law to ensure social order and accountability of monarchy. Today, monarchy is replaced with corporate hierarchies, all working slaves are required to pay taxes and no option to opt out. Indeed, corporate structure operate under the illusion of democracy; which only serves billionaire class through illegal transfer of wealth from poor to the rich.

Authoritative regimes around the world now seek to collect every penny from everyone using variety of control and enforcement mechanisms. The digital identification system is another tool for tax collectors to further oppress the working class people to pay taxes. Since humans are driven to live in peace instead of constant war, people are less like to support military complex, mass weapons and fake wars.

The tax dollars only consented to be used to fund education, healthcare and social security; however, over 75 percent of tax revenue is used to police the poor, support military complex and create enemies abroad under false passport. Ultimately, the endless campaign for war profit require manufacturing of lies, deception and predatory cultures that are inhuman to democracy.

The search for government documents would only return misleading facts. Do not look up. Yes, exercise your right to vote and choose your choice of poison but none are worthy of your trust or tax dollars. Sadly, the western culture, once portrayed to be the most civilized is the least civil by all standards.

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