Exploring Social Class in Modern Warfare

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read war

Real winners and losers of warfare can be understood through the lens of owner class, ruling class and working class

All wars are evil expression of human kind. The military complex of any nation is a well organized and operated structure of destruction employing modern weapons and trained to kill combatants. A relentless of pursuit of worst of humanity can achieve disguised as protection of civilization.

All Wars are Evil but Class War
All Wars are Evil but Class War | © Kiri Vadivelu

The war between Ukraine and Russia helps analyze the thinking process of social class in modern society. The actual winners and losers of warfare can be understood through the lens of owner class, ruling class and working class. Owner class does not fight any battle but reaps all the benefits of conflicts. Those who own shares in weapon industry can be classified as the owner class.

The ruling class, who are in political power, ensure the interest of the owner class is protected at all cost and working class submit to all demands of the system. Meanwhile, the working class are the majority who are obligated to work and earn pay cheque for living. Only exception is that police are traitors of working class; both earn pay-cheque and take orders from the ruling class to oppress the working class.

Based on the classification system, ruling class does not benefit directly from the wars. However, ruling class require expressing the interest of the owner class to remain in power. For instance, Deputy Prime minister of Canada, Chrystia Freeland attending Ukraine support rally to carry Ukraine flag is an expression of owner class interest; instead of anti-poverty flag.

Although, true solution to the Ukraine Russia war is on the table, ruling class of all nations would advocate for war mongering efforts. For instance, sending weapons to conflict zone under the banner of peace and democracy to promote war is the perfect irony of all rather than de-escalation through peaceful resolutions.

Since owner class and ruling class of Ukraine are protected, imperial war is beneficial even for the losing side in the conflict. Of course, such structure requires the preservation of cult cultures and predatory characteristics of individuals. Is that the best humans can achieve collectively after 2000 years of civilization? There is no pride left to admit the shame and guilt of any conscious mind.

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