Journalist: And then, They Came for Me

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read genocide

Ethnic minority Tamils and Muslims are continue to be kidnapped, tortured and murdered without justice

The ethnic minority Tamils have been fighting for social, economical and political equality since the independence of Ceylon from British in 1947. The Northern part of Island was home to Tamils, a 15 percent population, while southern part was occupied by 80 percent Sinhalese; meanwhile, east and west were home to Muslim and other minorities.

War Criminal Mahinda Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka
War Criminal Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka | © Kiri Vadivelu

The ruling elites immediately renamed Ceylon to Sri Lanka and declared Sinhalese as the primary official language of the country; although, Sinhalese, Tamil and English were three official languages. As consequence, corrupted fascist rulers enacted a 30 year civil war in the country, that ended at Mullivaikkal in May 2009. Ruling Mahinda Rajapaksa family rejected all claims of genocide and refused to cooperate with international calls for justice. The dictatorship lasted over 20 years where every high ranking roles were occupied by the members of the same family.

The media was under full control and only anti-Tamil propaganda was broadcasted in chorus to gain public compliance for ethnic cleansing. Prominent journalists were kidnapped, tortured and murdered; while, opposing party members were executed using the mafia of the ruling party. The January 2009 daylight murder of journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge who questioned corruption sent a shockwave to everyone across the country. The mafia consisted of extreme Sinhalese fascist military members who loyal to Rajapaksa family, were paid more than double the salary.

During Tamil resistance, the fascist rulers blamed all social problems on Tamil rebels while accumulating wealth. To defeat Tamil rebels, Rajapaksa family purchased enormous military weapons from overseas; only to pocket large amount of public money. All trading relationship overseas were mysterious. The international humanitarian aids supplied to Tamils were stolen and sold to Sinhalese population lived outside of war zone for cheap in exchange for votes.

Nearly 15 years after the genocidal war, country is at much worse condition than the era of civil war. Ethnic minority Tamils and Muslims are continue to be kidnapped, tortured and murdered without justice. Now, all people of Sri Lanka are outraged; demand Rajapaksa dictatorship be gone for the good.

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