Circus of Hitler NAZI to NATO America

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read war

Fascist leaders are the real winners of social, economical and political crisis

Although Europe civilization was evolving much faster than other regions, the people of Germany were not immune from political misfortunes. Since average household is already in constant battle to make ends meet while managing social politics within the family, the eager to participate in the community welfare is the last option for many. Hence, the lack of community participation from contributing members creates a vacuum for illegitimate political leadership. Unfortunately, the fascist leaders often the real opportunists to benefit from social, economical and political crisis.

Nazi Soldier with American Flag
Nazi Soldier with American Flag | © Kiri Vadivelu

Unlike Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Ghandhi, Adolf Hitler did not have a vision but enormous greed for wealth and power. As a brainwashed Zionist, his ability to start at lowest rank of military to become the fascist leader in politics is an unbelievable achievement. Today, colonial capitalism have produced mass number of Hitlers in variety of sectors; particularly financial institutions. For instance, David McKay, president and CEO of Royal Bank of Canada alone earns 15 million in annual salary while $15/ hr is the minimum wage for Canadians.

The unsustainable model of capitalistic driven market is based on greed and threat of violence underneath the coat suite. When Germany was faced with national economical uncertainly, Hitler weaponized the fear of people to invade the Europe and lead military to commit atrocities till defeated in Russia. In reality, people of Germany were victims of nazi corporate system of capitalism. Saddest of all is the repetition of colonial history of Hitler Nazi roles in the form of NATO American imperialism. Ultimately, the failure of NATO dissolution after the collapse of Soviet Union is the primary cause of modern crisis.

As Mark Twain said, history does not repeat but it often rhymes. Both Democrats and Republic parties of America have colluded to lie to public about the war crimes of American military to serve the corporate interest of the few. The irony of making peace around the world while pointing gun at the weakest opponent is the outdated strategy of colonization. Only a defeat of American military and NATO would allow American public to know their fate, seek truth and unite all.

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