Decline of Human Empathy in 21st Century

by Kiri Vadivelu | 2 min. read humanity

Emotional intelligences of humans allow imagination to connect with another even when the crisis is not seen, heard or experienced

Empathy is a special trait of human species, the ability to understand and share the feelings of another irrespective of the circumstances. Accordingly to evolutionary psychology, the emotional intelligences of humans do have the capacity to imagine and connect with another even when the crisis is not seen, heard or experienced directly.

Israel Bomb Civilians in Gaza Strip
Israel Bomb Civilians in Gaza Strip | © Kiri Vadivelu

The unique ability to connect based on humanity mechanism is what separates humans from predatory animals. Unfortunately, not all humans have the emotional traits of humans; instead, posses narcissistic personality traits that only belongs to predatory animals. Any humans with such dark traits shall be in the jungle with animals only; for the best interest of both human and animal species.

But, predatory humans live among human population and either resist human tendency to understand the suffering of others or do not possess the human trait at all. Sadly, all such individuals are living among the population under the human skin; which makes the safety of everyone in jeopardy. Regretfully, the existence of ideologies such as Zionism validate the predatory nature of humans.

Most narcissistic individuals tend to express narcissistic traits without being called out. For instance, the included picture was originally created to show false narrative of Russia against people of Ukraine; however, the deliberate act of apartheid state Israel to kill Palestine people for over 50 years is disregarded. A perfect example of narcissistic human traits in action with Zionistic ideology.

Ironically, the predatory element of narcissistic individuals are rewarded with wealth and material success at the expense of emotional connections. Sadly, the inability of predatory humans to connect with other humans not only dangerous for society but also make those individuals live an empty life till the end regardless of hoarded material wealth.

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