What is the Nature of Zionism?

by Kiri Vadivelu | 1 min. read liberty

When we oppose zionism and apartheid, we must be clear not to prejudice Jewish people

Anti-Semitism is a law that protect Jewish people against hate crimes. When we oppose zionism and apartheid, we must be clear not to prejudice Jewish people. Indeed, most Jewish people are oppose to zionism and apartheid but refrain from speaking out due to repercussions from their own kind.

Criminal nature of Zionism
Criminal Nature of Zionism | © Kiri Vadivelu

Zionism employs apartheid laws, that are the root of all evils. And, all conflicts are interconnected from Palestine to Ukraine, manufactured based on lies. Basic knowledge and awareness of Zionism is key to fight against injustice and to build peace at home and abroad.

Zionism ensure masses are incapable of finding the roots of lies. Like any onion layers, principles of Zionism appears to be something but when one start to analyze, all are just layers without any content. Indeed, the layers made up of lies are the actual content.

Zionists silence all critics legally, economically and politically. And; therefore, apartheid laws can be passed without any push back. The story of holocaust is often repeated when criticism surface even though all minorities faced genocide at some point and still continues in the hands of their oppressors.

Advocates of Zionists are often ill motivated to pursue and guard their apartheid agenda at all cost. Zionists do not engage directly but operate in the shadow. The darkest nature of Zionism does not evolve with rest of the society but always remain a mystery.

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